Thanks to everyone who participated!  I had such fun looking at all your beautiful images.  These were some of my favorites:

From Krista – She took this picture of the canyon while hiking on World Photography Day and I love the way you can see the curvature of the walls.  Plus the natural colors are just stunning!


From Riitta – The way the sun rays are shining from behind the arch is so pretty!  Plus the airplane and her grandson give you a better idea of the massive scale of the structure.  Very cool.


From Hector & Norma – The beautiful girl in the first photo (hi Laura!)  just looks like a summer beauty.  I love her expression and the way the light is hitting her face.  And the sunset in the following photo has such great colors.  I want to be at either one of these beaches.  Or maybe its the same one?  Either way, its lovely!


How much fun is the photo?  I love that the feet and water droplets are stopped perfectly in mid-action.  Very cool!


From The Perrys – What a cute little munchkin!!  I could just nibble those cheeks all day.  Congrats on your little one, she is a doll!


From Pattie:  I love this picture for so many reasons.  The expression on the little girls face is priceless.  She looks like she’s having so much fun on the slide.  Plus the hazy look of the photo makes it feel like I’m there on a hot summer afternoon.  Great shot!


From Josh Premako:  Oooh-la-la!  What a beautiful moment between a bride and groom.  Josh says “From a wedding I shot when I was down in L.A. two weeks ago, this is probably going to wind up being one of my top 10 personal favorite images of 2011”  I couldn’t agree more!  The lighting is delish!


From Paul:  I might be a little biased on this shot from my husband!  This cute little face may look familiar to you – our little man Stephen.  He was taking a nap poolside with this smile on his face.  Squishy!!

I couldn’t pick a winner.  I liked all of these so much for different reasons!  So I’m leaving it to the masses.  Visit my Facebook page to vote for your favorite!!  Get your friends to vote too, since the winner will be getting a $25 iTunes gift card!!

Thanks for humoring me and being an important part of  celebrating World Photography Day!  Keep those cameras clicking!


3 thoughts on “world photography day submissions

  • krista

    so mom is a photographer too?! her pictures of the arch are awesome! also the rest of these pictures are awesome too! so hard to vote!

  • Josh

    Wow, thanks for including me in a great collection of images! I’m in love with that first one (I’m a sucker for slot canyons).

  • Heather

    Great pics! I tried to get my Mom to submit some she’s taken……! Darn! Next time we will get in on this action.

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