Since none of my major fears came true on Day 1 (thank goodness!), by the second day of shooting I was feeling a little more comfortable.  However, there was still no time to dilly-dally.  The 30 minute sessions just FLY by.  And some were even shorter than that because of unforeseen issues and cold weather.  But I got the basic shots needed and only wish there was more time to play around and get a bit creative.  Hopefully next time.

The English Family:  These guys were seriously troopers.  It was bloody cold outside that morning and I knew they were freezing their buns off.  So I literally asked them to huddle together for warmth and give me those smiles.  We did these photos in about 15 minutes so the kids could get warmed back up in the car!family_photos_98family_photos_97 Brazil Pups:  OK, so I’ve never photographed pets before (except for my lazy cat.  He’s an easy target.)  So I was looking forward to the challenge of dog photos.  And honestly, it was a challenge for me.  They were so easily distracted, it was a little difficult to get the shots, but I was glad everything turned out.  And as always, it was good practice.  It’s actually pretty funny thinking back on it now, because we really tried to get them to wear these santa hats, and as you can see, they ended up with red beards most of the time.  Cute anyway!  family_photos_96 family_photos_95 The Bradley’s:  This was another speedy session because they got a flat tire on the way to our location!  But I was so glad they made it and we had just enough time to get some great photos.  How cute is that baby?!family_photos_94 family_photos_93 The Bueno Family:  Ah, I love these guys! Karli is one of my best friends and I was so happy to see her with her new hubby and stepson.  They are seriously awesome people and it was an easy breezy session for me.  Luckily, Karli thinks I’m a funny person.  So if nothing else, I can get her to laugh at almost anything.  So much fun.  I think their son will be a comedian someday too.family_photos_92 family_photos_91 The Calamity Family:  This session turned out to be such a pleasant surprise.  I don’t know the family all that well and was just thinking it would be a standard family shoot.  Then they showed up with 3 beautiful daughters who all play concerto violin!  Oh man.  I could’ve taken pictures of them all day.  The backdrop was great, the girls were great, the violins looked so…cool.  family_photos_90 family_photos_89 The Bruggeman’s:  It was about this time in the day where I started wearing down.  As I drove to the next location, I could feel my energy being sucked from me.  But then this bunch came out to play and got me right back on my toes.  A big, fun family with some of the best goofy faces I’ve ever seen.  Love that.family_photos_88 family_photos_87

Thank you to everyone who participated in the promotion.  As I mentioned it was a great experience for me.  I’ll be coming out with some new deals soon, so keep checking back!