I figured instead of boring you guys with post after post (after post), I would clump some of the pictures from my Utah trip together and just do Day 1 and Day 2.  Because really, there are a lot of photos.  The 30/30 promotion was a big success out there.  I was able to take pictures of 14 families in two days!  It was a crazy yet fantastic experience.  And honestly, I hope to be able to do it again.  Maybe not all in 2 days, but I loved being out there and interacting with all these different families.  It gave me a quick boost to my portfolio as well, so I’m really happy with the way it all went down.  I might post a few more favorites along the way, but here’s a start…

Krista & Jorel:  I started off with my sister because she and the nephew are always easy practice!  We only had about 15 minutes of good light left, but they made it work.  She’s just a gorgeous mommy!family_photos_73 family_photos_72 The Hills: They started me off early on Saturday, while it was about 25 degrees outside.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been in that kind of weather and I wasn’t even sure how my camera would function with that much chill.  But everything went great and they were good sports in the cold.family_photos_75 family_photos_74The Hickmans:  Such a cute little family!  Their son is just to die for!  His photos are some of my favorites.  And this spot was a lucky find for me.  (Just driving around and – hello lovely!)  Ended up coming back here a couple times because the orange/yellow leaves were so pretty.family_photos_76 family_photos_77The Christiansens:  Well as you can see, this was a BIG group!  I thought it would be really tough to cover everyone in 30 minutes, but we did it – phew!  They looked great and the kids were very cooperative.  Can’t ask for anything more! family_photos_79family_photos_80The Lewellins: I’ve known this family  for quite some time, since I used to work with Lew and watch the boys play softball.  Awesome to see you guys again.family_photos_78The Christiansens (too):  Probably one of my favorite sessions of the day.  They wanted to go into town and get cupcakes.  Can’t go wrong there.  It was just super fun and cute.family_photos_82 family_photos_81 Teri & Aspen: This little girl cracked me up.  So lively – with her funny faces and sarcastic smiles.  I wish all kids were this interactive.  Makes my job easy!family_photos_84 family_photos_83 The Jones Family: These guys were great.  Took a little while to break them in, but man – aren’t they good lookin’?  A great way to end the busy first day. family_photos_85family_photos_86

Day 2 will be coming up soon!

3 thoughts on “utah: day 1 – affordable southern utah family photographer

  • krista

    oh boy! they all turned out so good!!! and your new model below -gorgeous!! you’re amazing!

  • Jena

    how i love them, you were brave to go out in that freezing weather! I should have brought a winter coat for you! Poor you and marcus, both getting sick! I can’t wait to see the rest! You’re amazing!

  • amy

    wow! These all look so amazing! So proud of you! Seriously how exhausting and awesome at the same time! Miss you!

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