I haven’t taken on a ton of work this holiday season.  Sometimes its just better that way.  Freeing myself up from editing photos gives me that extra time I need to focus on my family and make Christmas special to us.  I mean, I actually got my Christmas  cards out yesterday.  It’s a rare occasion when that happens before Dec 20th!  And my decorations are up!  Go me!  So the clients that I chose to take on this year are mostly friends of mine.  People who are a little extra special to me.  And it makes the process really fun!  I have loved all my clients, old and new, up until now.  But there’s just something about getting to take pics of your best friend and her beautiful family…

We did it quick.  We did it awesome.

Love you guys,


One thought on “the wright fam – southern utah family photographer

  • krista

    these turned out so good! what a cute family

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