My brother and sister-in-law cashed in on their Christmas present and we took their family photos while I was in Missouri visiting.  These were taken in my Aunt’s backyard – it was huge and green and beautiful.  We originally wanted to do the pictures early in the morning before it got hot, but I was so dang tired from traveling, I begged them to let me do them in the afternoon.  They were so gracious and flexible and I’m so glad.  We had the amazing afternoon light and while yes, it was toasty warm, they remained composed throughout the session.  Well, we had some fun too… and they were game for sitting in the buggy grass or climbing logs or whatever!  I was so happy to do this for them!  Plus, they are a stunning addition to my portfolio.  My bro is dang good-lookin’ and he married quite the pretty gal.  My nephew is so handsome too!  Go Nugents!

Love you guys bunches,






3 thoughts on “the nugent family – joplin missouri family photographer

  • krista

    these are awesome, the lighting ended up so good!

  • Mom

    I love the pictures. Again, you had wonderful subjects to photo – they are naturally just beautiful people and they can ham it up too! Way awesome!

  • amy

    ummm seriously!! These rock!! So beautiful woman!

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