Here are some of the pictures from their day at Disneyland.  They actually got to spend 3 days there and these were smack-dab in the middle of their vacation.  I was surprised they still had so much energy.  But I think they have a way of making  everything fun!  Thanks for letting me tag along!  Great to spend some time getting to know your cute family!


3 thoughts on “the barlow family does disney – disneyland vacation photographer

  • Mom

    Jaana, these are absolutely delightful! You really have a talent capturing fun and unexpected moments – like the one where the kids run to Pluto with the little girl’s ponytail going…. so cute! They are an adorable family – must have been fun to photograph. I miss you already. Keep those ancles iced! Hugs, MOM.

  • amy

    seriously…these rock! i love them. You did an amazing job even with cankels!

  • alicia

    So… I was just admiring your pictures on here and then came across Staci and freaked out a little bit. Then, I remembered that we were all roommates. Yeah… I’m that dumb.

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