This GORGEOUS family (seriously, there is no other word to describe) made the trek from Southern Utah to Southern California for a little vacation.  Not only was I lucky enough to spend an afternoon with them taking some family photos, but I got to join them at Disneyland for a few hours of fun too.  On this particular day, we weren’t sure how the weather would pan out – I’ve already had to cancel 3 shoots this month because of the weird rain – but it cleared up perfectly.  So we spent some time at Downtown Disney and a little park nearby.  My big pregnant booty noticed how much more difficult this photography thing is getting, but really, it couldn’t have gone better.  Mom knew how to make the kids laugh and did I mention the family is gorgeous?

Disney pics coming soon!

3 thoughts on “the barlow fam – anaheim family photographer

  • krista

    seriously freaking adorable! what a beautiful family!

  • staci

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! LOVE!!!! They turned out so great!! Even with my kids doing their “cheesy” smiles!! 🙂 You are one fantastic photographer my friend! I love them!!! Thanks again so much for doing this! 🙂

  • Suzy

    You did a GREAT job!! They turned out soo cute! Great to meet you!

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