While I hate that my sister lives so far away, I also love that she lives just close enough to take her vacations here in California.  It gives us a few opportunities a year to hang out and be tourists.  And we always have so much fun.  This time she was here a little longer than usual, so we squeezed lots in.  It’s always an adventure keeping the cutest nephew entertained.  But he talks about Disneyland constantly, so for his 3rd birthday, where else would we go?   Miss you already sissy. Besides the Happiest Place on Earth, we also went to Travel Town, the Zoo, the Kidspace Museum, the beach, and an awesome Pumpkin Patch.  Who knew little ol’ Burbank had so many fun things to offer?  I think the cute smiles say it all!  Man, I love his face!! Love,

2 thoughts on “taking a break – southern cal disneyland vacation photographer

  • krista

    so so much fun! love them all 🙂

  • Heather


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