Yes, just add product photography to the long list of things I’m learning to do!  🙂  If you remember about a year ago, I was taking photos on the set of a cooking show and now this lovely chef is releasing her own line of spices.  She said she loved how the food photos turned out and wanted me to try my hand at the spices as well.  It was actually really fun – a lot of experimentation, trial and error, lighting challenges… but I was pretty pleased with the final outcome.


4 thoughts on “spicy! – los angeles product photographer

  • Markus

    Jaana you are so awesome. I’m so glad she came back to YOU – that’s sweet.

  • amy

    oh my gosh these look great!!! seriously, learning…nah it’s in the bag!

  • krista

    so cool!! these are awesome – if i ever come up with a super cool invention, you’re totally shooting it! 🙂

  • Patty Reiser

    This chef is lucky to have you as a photographer. I especially like the photograph with the measuring spoons and the spices out.

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