On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend an event in Orange County called the SoCal Photog Shootout. Every couple of months, talented photographers Hanssie Trainor and Matt Saville arrange it so that a bunch of photographers get to meet up and shoot photos. This month’s event was held at the Bella Collina golf course in San Clemente. What a beautiful location! After we signed in and mingled for awhile, we split up into groups and took a model around the grounds to shoot photos and trash wedding dresses! I was in Sarah Chen‘s group shooting Earth, Wind & Fire with our H.O.T. model, Lindsey. She totally rocked!

It was seriously a lot of fun. You get a chance to learn from other photographers and show off your own chops. Not to mention network and get to know lots of people from the area. I definitely give props to Hanssie and Matt to arrange such a cool event that benefits photographers so much. I know for me, it gave some much needed practice and was very thrilling to see what my bridal-type shots looked like (since I haven’t done any wedding photography yet). I am hoping to attend many more of these events and continue learning!

Here is the first batch of bridal portraits with the adorable Tiffany and Micah. I’ll post some dress-trashing tomorrow!

A special thanks to all the vendors who made the SoCal Shootout possible:

Jay’s Catering
Mary Lallande, Venue Concierge
Bella Collina Golf Course
Kimberly Bragalone, Makeup Artist
Kacee Geoffroy, Makeup Artist
Bows-n-Berries Hairpieces
Jay Jensen Florals
Avery J. Productions
The Models: Lindsey Addie, Stevie Marshalek, Joseph Sandoval, Tiffany Amber, Micah Hansen, Chelsea Ravitch, Shannon Bratton, Megan Bibbo (a lot of them are on Facebook)
The Group Leaders: Cean One, Sara France, Greg Bumatay, Sarah K. Chen, Matthew Saville, Chris Diset
Joe Photo, Speaker

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    aaammmmaaaaazing! so fun Jaana! beautiful pics

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