OK, so my sister didn’t model for me while she was here.  We always run out of time!  But I managed to get a few shots of them enjoying their California visit.

convertible mustang
My sis showing off the fun rental!
thoughtful kid, cute kid
Cutest kid ever!

kid eating french toast kid riding in convertible

handsome guy by ocean
My bro enjoying the awesome beach weather.

cute kid at in 'n' out

cute kid at dodger game
Go Dodgers!

kid with peanut butter mustache

kid eating pepper, funny face
He didn't seem to like Bob's famous pickled peppers. Haha!
cute kid walking
He's getting so big!
cute kid crying
He didn't want to leave his Aunt Jaana (actually the tears are because his toy car fell off the table...but I know he misses me anyway!)

Another awesome weekend with my family!


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  • krista


  • Karli

    Too cute Jaana!! He is starting to look so much like Marcus!!! And, as usual, your pictures are amazing!!!

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