1. Minute Maid Soft Frozen Raspberry Lemonade.  Delicious and only 70 calories!  The perfect summer treat!
2. I gave in and started using Proactiv again.  I have been off of it for almost 2 years, but pregnancy hormones are making me break out like crazy.  I can’t take it.  And this stuff works.  Plus I got to buy it out of a vending machine, which was kind of awesome.
3. I tried THE best cupcake today.  It was from a shop in West Hollywood called Cake & Art.  They specialize in funky, designer cakes, but sell these cupcakes at the counter.  Mine was the Key Lime Pie.  It was to die for.
4. Flip-flop weather is here and I’m taking full advantage of it.
5. I’m sad that summer TV is back, because there’s just not very much to watch!  Except for one show – So You Think You Can Dance.  The new format is kind of funky, but I just love watching talented people do amazing things.  I always start thinking I should take dance classes when this show is on.