1. These gloves from Target.  Not that I need them in sunny Southern California, but I could not have survived my Utah shoots without them.  The tips of the thumb and forefinger fold down so they keep your hands toasty while your finger is free to click that shutter and make manual adjustments to your camera – so perfect for chilly sessions!

2. Disney’s “Give a Day Get a Day” volunteer program.  If you volunteer for a charitable organization, you get a free 1-Day ticket to Disneyland.  And if you’re an Annual Passport holder like myself, you can trade that free ticket for Fast Passes or donate it to someone who wouldn’t normally get to go.

3. The Fuji Instax Mini Instant Camera sold at Photojojo.  This is soooo on my wishlist.

4. TV shows are getting back to their normally scheduled programming.  As much as I love the holidays, there has been NOTHING ON the last couple weeks.  Snoozefest.

5. The Office Depot Desktop Calendar.  No matter how many other calendars I have around me (i.e. a planner in my purse, my wall calendar, and even the calendar in my phone) I cannot survive without this thing.