1.  Got tickets to see Ricky Gervais in May and couldn’t be more excited.  He is so hilarious.  I’ve never seen a comedy concert like this either, so it should be fun.  I obviously would have loved to see Conan too, but he’s in our town when we are somewhere else.  🙁

2.  Speaking of somewhere else… we have a few exciting trips coming up – Vegas, Utah, and Finland are in the works!  Traveling is the thing I love most about summer time.

3.  H&M is back on the love list.  I haven’t been there in months and when I finally stepped foot inside, it was all I could do to not try on everything in the store.  I restrained myself and got a few really cute things (for my upcoming vacations, of course).

4.  The AllRecipes Dinner Spinner app has been quite helpful the last couple weeks.  Choose what ingredients you’re using and, most importantly, how long you want to spend on dinner (I almost always choose 20 minutes since I hate cooking).  Then it just spits out all these awesome recipes!  Got a delish chicken salad one day and a fab Parmesan-encrusted chicken the next.  Yum!

5.  I think my nail polish of choice this summer will be anything O.P.I. that is bright and colorful.  I’m so ready to re-stock my collection with hot pinks and bright oranges.