After several months of plotting and planning and finally working on my new blogs, they are ready to be debuted.  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I posted anything.  But I’m happy to report, that we are still plugging along over here.

There’s a new look (thanks to Razor Micro, Inc.), there’s a new logo (thanks to K. Bennion Arts) and there will be lots of new content (thanks to my awesome clients).

I’ve been a mom for about 19 months now, and boy – has life changed!  This kid turned my world and my heart upside-down and inside out.  We spend some great days together,  And then there are those days where I am still learning to be a parent.  But I’d love to share our journey with all of you.

My work will continue to be featured here on Photography by Jaana, while my personal stories and adventures with the not-so-little guy will be posted on This Mom’s Gonna Snap.

I’m so excited to continue on this path after so many years, just with a new twist.  Exciting times ahead, my friends.  Thanks for your support!