Chris and Mindy’s wedding day!  These two cuties were married at the Newport Beach LDS Temple and I was lucky enough to be there as an assistant photographer.  Stacey Bishop was the lead photographer and let me tell you, that woman is a machine!  She is 5 months pregnant and I was exhausted just trying to keep up!  But it was a great experience all around.  It was nice not to have the pressure of posing everyone, I just had to worry about the groomsmen.  So, it was pretty fun capturing the candids.

The reception was way out in Rancho Cucamonga at an LDS church – but this was decorated unlike any other LDS church I’ve ever seen.  It was really pretty and everyone was having fun.

How cute is this?!


4 thoughts on “it's official! – newport beach wedding photographer

  • Paul P.

    LOVE’EM! Nice work!

  • Lara

    Love them! I’m so proud of you!

  • Samantha Burns

    Really beautiful! I wish I knew you when I got married!

  • Heather


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