If you watched the Season Premiere of Gene Simmons Family Jewels (#GSFJ), you may have noticed in one of the opening scenes that some of the wedding pictures I took made a little appearance on screen!  OK, maybe not so little

They also put together a couple cute montages to transition to the next scene…

Yes, I took pictures of my TV.  I still get super nerdy about this stuff.  🙂


P.S. If you missed the Season Premier, don’t worry.  They will show lots of reruns.  Or you can probably catch it on www.aetv.com!

2 thoughts on “Los Angeles Celebrity Wedding Photographer {Gene Simmons Family Jewels Season 7 Premiere}

  • jenny

    Love them all and so proud of you jaana! I would have done the same thing! hehe It’s not nerdy, it’s excitement and you deserve it!

  • Heather

    Ditto to what Jenny said! Not nerdy in the LEAST! You are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go!

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