What to expect during your photo session:
Get ready to have fun!  I usually meet clients at a landmark inside the parks.  After a quick intro and some warm-up shots, we’ll get started right away.  I tend to have a lot of energy and keep people moving, so that kids stay engaged and we can get several different options for photos.  As far as locations go, your input is 100% welcome, especially if you have those “special spots” that you want to remember.  Otherwise, I will lead you around and show you some of my favorite locations — usually with the least amount of people.  I always plan to be with you for the full length of the session, but I also know that not everyone can last that long (husbands, I’m looking at you!)  So whether your session lasts 30 minutes or the full 2 hours, you will have plenty of beautiful images to choose from.

Is the photographer’s admission extra? 
No, my admission is covered in the package price.  However, please keep in mind that during the peak season of December 18th through January 2nd, there is an additional Holiday Session Fee of $100 for my entrance into the theme parks.

What if we want to shoot during Magic Morning Hours? 
The only time I can do a session during Magic Morning Hours is if you are staying at one of the Disneyland Resort Hotels. You will need to meet me outside the gates before Magic Morning begins and either obtain an extra hotel key, or claim me as part of your party as we all walk in together.

Payment options:
Payment is due in full on the day of your scheduled photo session.  Cash is always preferred.  Payment by check or PayPal is also accepted.

How you choose your edits:
Within 1-2 weeks of your session, you will be given a link to an online gallery to preview the best images. You will choose your favorite photos to be edited and receive a link to download the high resolution images as soon as edits are complete (usually within 2-3 weeks).

How to purchase images:
All edited images are sold a la carte and delivered via link to download directly.  No minimum purchase is required. Prices can be found here.  Once editing is complete, an invoice will be sent to you via PayPal.  The link to download your images will be delivered upon payment.  These images belong to you, so you can share them on social media or have them printed wherever you like — just make sure to back them up!

What do edited images look like? 
Edited images are simply color corrected, brightened, sharpened, and slightly retouched.  I don’t do heavy retouching because I prefer your natural, beautiful selves!  If it is feasible, I will take the time to remove people from the image background, but that is not typically the case.  Please expect that, while I try by best to shoot around them, crowds and people will most likely be part of your experience and your edited photos.

What are digital negatives? 
Digital negatives include all the high resolution images from your photo session, completely unedited.  They are just as you will see them in the preview I send you — except much larger and with the watermark removed.  They are fit for printing and are yours to share!

What if I’m a repeat client?  Can I get a discount?
You sure can!  Repeat clients always get preferred times and discounts.  Please email me for details!

Additional Info: 
All the images you choose will be treated with the utmost care.  However, it is your responsibility to back up your images.  I can only keep client photos in my archives for 6 months.  Beyond that, I will no longer have access to the hi-res images.