Disneyland and I have a special love affair. I never get tired of it. And when night rolls around, it turns especially magical. Luckily there are others like me out there and I can occasionally find someone to go with! We had a great time and as usual, I loved taking some night shots. They are tricky with no tripod, but with some patience and as steady of a hand as I can muster, sometimes they turn out OK.

7 thoughts on “evening at disneyland – disneyland vacation photographer


    These shots are AMAZING! Did the one of Mariah and I talking @ Haunted Mansion not turn out? 🙁

  • lifesignatures

    Oh my! I LOVE the one with the balloons!

  • Valerie

    Awsome shots. I need to learn how to take some night shots. I’m guessing I need to invest in a flash first.

  • dxeechick

    No flash necessary!! As long as the buildings or whatever you are shooting lights up nicely, its better withOUT a flash, actually. A tripod definitely helps though. I didn’t have one here, but it really maintains the sharpness of the image.

  • a + g

    love it! It makes me want to go! I think 23 years is long enough! beautiful pictures sister love!

  • Sarah-Ji

    These are all amazing photos! Love the reflection of the boat’s light, and the balloons in motion are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Laurie


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