This month I gotta give a shout out to my pal Heather.  She recently underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor in her cerebellum, and so far is doing ok in recovery.  She went home after only a few days in the hospital but has had to go back in since then.  I just know she will be fine though.  I think about her every day while she struggles with this ordeal.  There are few things she loves in life – her family (especially her nephews), her cats, and Disneyland.  I plan on going there with her as soon as she’s all better.  Girl I am hoping you will be back to yourself in no time at all!  Because Lord knows, I need another trip to Disneyland!  🙂  Best wishes friend.Love,


P.S.  You can read about Heather’s progress at

One thought on “disney shot of the month

  • Heather

    Hey! How did I MISS this?! 🙂 You are so cool and I LOVE this photo! 🙂

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