I feel like I’m so far behind posting my pictures! With family visiting this last week, I got absolutely nothing done. But hey, no time like the present…

A couple weekends ago, we shot a Mediterranean cooking show and it went really, really well. The star of the show was a total natural in front of the camera – not to mention a fabulous cook. And the lucky crew got to eat all her yummy food afterward. Mmmm. I’m a huge fan of Mediterranean food, so I was pretty stoked. You can see her recipes in some of her older videos on YouTube and at DeDeMed.com. Hopefully with the professional videos, she can get the exposure she deserves and get boosted to the next level. Stay tuned!

Getting all dolled up
The setup
In between takes
Prepping the food
Doesn’t the food look sooo bomb? Oh don’t worry, it was.