How cute are they? This little guy couldn’t ask for a better auntie. Both their eyes light up when they see each other or get to hang out together.

2 thoughts on “buddies

  • georgia b.

    wonderful photo!

    found your blog through shutter sisters.

    i think i recognize your profile pic, too, from some other photo blogs that i frequent and comment on. i'm glad i discovered it.

    i leave comments on s.s. often with links to my photo blog, but today's i did not—i could not think of a photo/example for this one. i really like yours. made me smile.

    i'm off to check out some more of your photos.

  • camerapatty

    Desert Greetings Jaana! I'm probably 100 miles east of you out by joshua tree national park. Found your blog through Shutter Sisters.

    Your friendship photo is beautiful. Can't wait to see more of your work, just as soon as I finish this comment and i can navigate my way back to your blog.

    Wishing you a scent-sational day!
    Shutter Sister Patty

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