Anyone who knows me (or follows my blog) already knows that I’m crazy about a few things:  My cat, my nephew and Disneyland.  Well combine two of the three and you have one of the best days ever.  My amazing sister just finished school with her Master’s Degree in finance (!!) and her graduation gift from my Mom was a trip to California with the family.  And of course the highlight of the trip was Disneyland.  Especially now that my nephew is getting a little older and kind of gets it?  Oh brother, it was so fun!  I thought these would be easy to edit and narrow down, but I had such a hard time!  I guess I’m kind of partial to the cuteness that is this kid…

disneyland vacation photographer, kids

Arriving at the park and riding the tram – high fives of excitement!

Waiting anxiously for the “choo-choo train“… Just being a cutie…These are probably my favorite pictures of the whole day – his first time on a roller coaster.  Oh man, it was so super funny.  It’s a kids’ coaster (the Gadget Go-Coaster) and he didn’t cry or anything, so it’s not like we were torturing him.  But his little face as we hit that first little hill was just too much!  

Teacups of course! Dumbo is one of the favorites, for sure.

We rode “Horsie-Go-Up-And-Down” twice:

Pirates of the Caribbean was a little scary, but he was still a trooper. He’s trying to look happy and cool, although he didn’t want to open his eyes.  Haha.  Eventually he warmed up and started waving hello to all the pirates.

Here are just a few more of everyone having fun, throughout the day… Can you see why it was the best day?  Love you guys!


4 thoughts on “best disney day – disneyland vacation photographer

  • amy

    oh I love love love these! I can’t wait for our photo session!! By the way we probably won’t be doing teacups…i might barf a little….eek. Anyway I love you and I have been waiting for these so thank you. They are so beautiful and fun!! what great memories! seriously!

  • krista

    these are AWESOME!!!

  • Liz G.

    OMG!!! CUTEST kid EVER!!! His eyes are amazing!!! Jaana you really have such a great talent girl!

  • alicia

    Okay… can you just follow Jake and I around all the time? These are awesome. And, seriously, Disneyland is the greatest place ever. I love it. Good lookin’ fam!

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