My sis came for an impromptu visit on 4th of July weekend and we wanted to spend some time at the beach, for sure! Unfortunately, the nephew wasn’t too sure about this whole ocean and sand thing. He’ll learn to love it eventually… But I got some cute bum shots (literally)!

5 thoughts on “beach bums – malibu vacation photographer

  • Krista

    love them! but you couldn't photoshop the wedgie out of my but? haha jk, so cute 🙂

  • a + g

    ahhh i love those!!! they are timeless!!! and so so cute!!! wedgie and all….Krista should just be happy with the rockin body she has…no fair. love curls on jorel yummy!!!!

  • Lilian

    Yes, great pictures and title for the blog. Those are great pictures to look back on.

  • Miss Red

    these are great photos!! i went to the beach for 4th of july as well =)

  • georgia b.

    great photos! i miss the beach. {sigh}

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