Yesterday I went out for a little drive.  I’ve been wanting to try and find a good spot to take some Downtown LA shots.  And on my first try, low and behold, I found a pretty decent place!  Granted, it was a horrible time of day to be shooting, so I’ll be going back at night to get some pretty city photos.  But the best part of my day was that everywhere I went, I saw something interesting.  This is pretty common for my neck of the woods.  I absolutely love where I live for many reasons, including these:

Downtown L.A.
Kitchy Neighborhoods and Random Horse Riders
car through puddle
Beamers Playing in Big Puddles
Griffith Park
Parks & Pretty Evening Light

And that’s just the stuff I actually took pictures of.  (Sometimes there is just nowhere to pull over!)  I honestly can’t recall a time where I’ve gone out and I wasn’t at least slightly amused by something.  I really dig you, Los Angeles.