I’m so excited! My “baby” got a new outfit today! No, not the cat… The camera. I’ve been saving up for a new camera bag and after a lot of online research/reading reviews/indecisiveness, I finally settled on the Shootsac by Jessica Claire. It is not meant to replace the camera bag I have now, but rather it is meant to be carried with me while I shoot. This is the bag I currently use to hold my equipment:

It is not very practical when I’m out shooting because its sort of gigantic. So I’ll usually set it down somewhere and if I need to change lenses/batteries/memory cards, I have to interrupt the shoot and run back to dig through the monster. Besides, I know its not very safe anyway to set it down as I go gallivanting around, but its just so darn bulky and in the way. And pretty heavy too. So I’m hoping the Shootsac will be the answer to my problem. This is the new bag:

I got the one with the baroque-style black and white cover. But as you can see, there are a variety of different interchangeable covers you can buy! Cute, right? It fits securely over my shoulder and hugs my hips, so its completely out of the way. It has room for several lenses, an external flash, and anything else you might need at your fingertips while you shoot. I heard you can even use one of the back pockets to hold your drink. Haha. So far, I’ve only tested it by walking around the house wearing it. But so far, I like. And it looks so cute with my seat belt camera strap from PhotoJojo: