I have photographed some of this family before (here and here).  So I was very happy when I got the email to work with them again – ALL of them.  The whole bunch of ’em are an awesome, beautiful gang with the cutest darn kids.  Not to mention the coolest grandparents I’ve ever met.  And the best part is they are up for whatever.  So you know we had fun!  From bubbles to silly string, it was such a great session.  The kids were tired, but they were still so, so good.  I look forward to watching this family grow for years to come (and getting more lovely pictures to show off!)  Thanks for an excellent day, everyone!  You guys are the reason I love doing this…


3 thoughts on “a day in the park – torrance family photographer

  • krista


  • Heather

    LIKE. Love the silly string and the blue color scheme.

  • Laurie

    I love your work! What a beautiful series of the generations — I love big families. (Mine is so small).

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